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ur turn
the pain and sorrow you put me through
all i ever did was think about you
oh your so happy...its almost ur turn
ur turn to cry
ur turn to want to die
to be ignored negleted
and beat
bitch this is ur defet
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I’m sorry that I can’t do things right
I’m sorry for being the reason why
Sometimes you cry at night.
I'm sorry for not being perfect
I'm sorry I disappoint.
I'm sorry that I'm a pain
And sometimes I miss the point.
I'm sorry I'm not good enough
I'm sorry I let you down.
I'm sorry for my insecurities
I'm sorry for screwing around.
I'm sorry for my moodiness
I'm sorry for my tears.
I'm sorry for my feelings
And I'm sorry for my fears
I'm sorry for you,
And I'm sorry for me
But most of all,
I'm sorry for being sorry.
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 0
fucking bitch look wat you've done
you scrued up get the fucking gun
you just a wothless piece of shit
no one wants to be around u
no need to call 4 help
u knw ur just going to kill your self
wat r u waiting 4
hes not cuming back
u dnt diserve him
you wish u wer like them
u with u could make him happy
but your not good enough
u knw its true
hes out of ur life
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 7
cut me
I gave you my wrists and the knife
and now I wait for you
to go, cut me twice
but you grabbed me and held me
then cried in my ear
Im so alone are you still here?
Im broken no where to go
wrist gone bloody stained and smeared
Im on my knees make me bleed
wrist held out begging please
cant you stop me
just grab the knife
end it now
while the pain is nice
but you held me
hugged me
and wispered in my ear
never, never i love you dear
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 6
i want
As I laid asleep in bed
The thoughts of you ran through my head.
I want you so bad
but you just didn't know.
I kept it to myself so it is sad
The feeling of this just make me mad.
I say things cause i don't know what to do.
I just can't tell you how many times I think about you.
I cry myself to sleep at the end of each and every day.
These tears turn bitter as I weep, hoping to hear you say
That I feel the same exact way.
But you don't,
Or is it that you won't .
This is a new feeling for me.
So let's take a chance and see.
I never fell in love before,
So i wanted to jusmp right in to see what was in store
Now it's too late
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0
I speak
They turn away slowly
Why can't they just listen I ask?
Am I really that worthless?
I speak louder
They turn away rolling their eyes
I'm just some annoying girl
Why can't I just go away...
I scream
They get up and leave,
whispering.. "she has problems"
Maybe I will leave.... I wonder...
If only they would listen
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0
im sory
I’m sorry I did this,
I’m sorry I made u cry.
I’m sorry I broke your heart,
I’m sorry I want to die.
I’m sorry I broke a promise,
Two times in a row.
I’m sorry I let you down,
In more than one way.
I’m sorry I hurt you,
And gave you so much pain.
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0
Why am I rejected?
It seems too happed every day.
Is it the way I look,
The way it talk.
Or could it be the why I walk?
No one wants to hang out with me,
Why am I always left out?
No one can explain,
My pain!!!
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 0
When i lay in bed
I think about you.
When im in school
I think about you.
When im with my friends
I think about you.
What can I say your always on my mind
I wish I could just look into your eyes
And tell you, you’re a special man in my life
And if anything happened to you
I couldnt go on.
If I had one wish
I would wish for you be happy with who ever
You are with and what you are doing in your life.
No matter what anyone says
you will still always have my heart
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 2
Ignore my calls, Make my life hell
Each and everyday.
Bring down my self-esteem
Laugh with your friends
watch my smile fade.
Flirt with girls, make me cry
Lie right to my face
Make a promise
Don't come threw
Never apologize for what you do
It was only a matter of time till i got a clue
The perfect guy i loved was never in you
So know you have to deal with the fact
That i am gone for good
The message you kept sending me;
i finally understood
Now you know
No one else will ever give you so much love
You should have always known that
baby i was the only one
From start to finish
i was by your side
i never left
or even tried
For what you did
Theres hell to pay
But i still love you to this day
I agree you threw something good away
But after everything how can i stay?
I do still love you
My heart still aches
And for all this its you i blame
When i see you now
My soul still melts
But I'm no longer the victim
Your the one who has to live with yourself
If in the future,
U ever think of me
Just kn
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 1
I dreamed about you...
Yes, I dreamed about you
Why, you ask? I can't find the reason
My heart, maybe, but it is taken
My mind, maybe, but it is lost
My, body, maybe but it is broken
Why, a simple word, yet so complicated
Why did my mind seek you out?
Why? Why? Why?
Yet, I digress, that is neither here nor there
Why is not the question, but yes is the answer
Yes, I dreamed about you...
Somewhere familiar, yet, so unknown to me
In the vast expanses of my deep inner being
I find you
Your face, your touch, your being
So familiar to me, I can sense them even now
I find these things, I find you
Somewhere in my jumbled subconscious
You rise to the surface
Like so many tiny bubbles
Your details congregate
Within me you are built
Always present in my being, in my soul
Though, yet again, I digress
You are there, yes
But why in my one time of inner rest and peace
Do you appear?
Why do I find you not only in day
But also in night?
Why when i put everything away
Out of my mind, you linger there
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0
Broken promises and whispered lies,
her heart lies in pieces across the floor.
Words cannot explain the hurt she feels,
the agony since he walked out that door.
The room seems to be spinning,
and she can't see through the tears.
Was it too much to ask for love,
and for him to shield her frightening fears?
He was her absolute everything,
more important then the air she breathes.
She thinks, "Why does this happen to me,
why do they pretend to love me then leave?"
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 0
Can you feel me thru my tears?
Can you taste me thru my tears?
Are you with me thru my tears?
Can you see my heart breaking thru my tears?
Even though my eyes are a blur
I still see you leaving going to her
It is the breaking point that no one sees
I still see you laughing and walking with me
So full of tears and yet I can see
You are still here so vividly
I met someone new and still cry
Could you please just go and let me by?
How long will you be here in my mind?
I keep trying to forget but it all takes time
So, I question can you feel me thru my tears?
Do you ever see me thru my tears?
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0
giveing up
I'm giving up.
I'm giving in.
This love isn't gonna happen.
Why keep hoping?
Its better for us to be what we have been.
Its better if your happy.
With that big smile I fell in love with
Because I'm used to being broken inside.
I'm used to taping the pieces of my heart.
Your happiness with her, will hurt me,
But it will also put a smile on your face.
So I'm letting you go.
I'm letting you free
From being trapped in this heart of mine
knowing we can probably never be
You were my first love
The boy I thought was the one
Making some troubles go away
And creating troubles of your own
And so now that I know what love really is
I don't want a part of it
Maybe I don't want to live
So as I said before
I'm giving you up
As I said before
I'm giving you in
To the girl you probably love
To the girl that your heart belongs to
Just tell her for me will you?
That shes lucky to be her.
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 1 1
blue turns straight to red
im getting woozy blood all in my bed
on the flor
screaming mother at the dor
razor blades scattered about
my love for him
i had no doubt
sirens off in the distance
i wonder if theyl make it
one last reach for the gun
no more moon no more sun
:icondark-devil-bitch:dark-devil-bitch 0 0


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